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TORQ Resistance Bands

TORQ resistance bands present numerous advantages over other similar products. They are extra-long (175cms), which means that you can work both sides of your body at once, cutting workout times by 50%.

TORQ bands also feature unique trade marked 'anchor points' making it easy to remember how much band you grabbed last time. This is important, because the amount of band you grab determines the overall resistance - conciously altering your 'anchor points' as you get stronger is essential for your progression.

Also, unlike bulky dumbbells, TORQ bands are light, easily storable and offer a wide range of resistances. A full set of TORQ bands provides a range of resistances equivalent of a light to very heavy dumbbell set. The range of feasible exercises is also much greater, because you don't need the assistance of gravity.

Many TORQ clients take their bands with them if they are travelling away on business or holiday - you can fit a full set in your pocket!

If you purchase the full set, the bands can also be used in combination to produce even greater resistances:

Navy/Red (superior +)
Navy/Green (superior ++)
Navy/Blue (superior +++)

Because TORQ bands are so long, if you progress beyond 'superior +++', you can fold them in half and double-up. This represents resistances equivalent to hundreds of kilos. If you're super human, you could always purchase another set? There really are no limits to your potential progression, other than in your own mind of course.

All exercise band orders are supplied with full usage instructions, exercise illustrations and a progress card.

NOTE: A complimentary cloth drawstring carry bag is supplied free of charge for 'full set of 4' orders.

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Anchor Point and Stretch Past Your Limits are trade marks of TORQ LTD.

Product Highlights


  • Full set of 4 bands (including carry bag)
  • Red (beginner)
  • Green (intermediate)
  • Blue (advanced)
  • Navy (superior)