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A Chiltern Challenge

As this race was still in the midst of a block of training, Gemma was looking to execute a solid but steady performance here, and actually, things went exactly to plan...

Here's Gemma's account of the race:

"Being based in Princess Risborough (right on the cusp of the Chilterns), the race started with an immediate sharp climb, where I quickly took to hiking with hands on knees to reach up onto the Chilterns proper. The rest of the race was a series of climbs, over undulating and at times technical terrain, dodging roots, many nettles and the odd style! Great fun! I felt good and kept a solid work rate throughout, balancing my TORQ nutrition evenly over the race. 

As I approached the final checkpoint, I felt strong, so I passed the lead woman and with a final push over the last few miles of climbs, I managed to pick off a few more of the leading men too. I reached the finish line jubilant, with a Female win and 4th overall, only 2 minutes off the record!"

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