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Cycle 2010

This isn’t huge news, because we’re always at the Cycle Show, but for those of you new to the ways of TORQ, or if indeed you’ve never tried our products before, it’s an ideal opportunity for you to come to a show of the highest pedigree and sample our products…

Every year TORQ launch NEW products at this show.  It’s a huge deadline for us and we work tirelessly to get ready for early October (for 2010, the show runs from 7-10th October). This year we’ve excelled ourselves and the products are ready 3 weeks early!  We’re afraid you won’t be able to purchase them from our online shop or in shops until after the show (WB 11th October). Mean aren’t we? Good things come to those who wait of course.

So, we’ll give you more details in a few days time, but just to whet your appetite, here’s a photo of the first product, the Rhubarb & Custard TORQ gel.

And the second one – to complement or compete (we’re not sure which) with the Chocolate Orange TORQ recovery, we’re launching Chocolate Mint TORQ recovery. Clever eh? I’m a Chocolate Orange man myself, but I've had plenty of arguments over preference already with die-hard Chocolate Mint fans. Full details on both these new products to follow in a few days…