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TORQ bar reviewed in Independent On Sunday.

The editorials and reviews on TORQ bar are now starting to roll in. Thus far we’ve only really approached the cycling media, so lookout for the write-ups on the cycling-related web sites and magazines in the coming weeks.

However, TORQ bar did sneak into the Independent on Sunday a couple of weeks ago (27th July), where it was reviewed alongside Power Bar, High 5, Go Bar (SIS) and Maxim. Independent’s reporter Robin Barton looked at the pros and cons of the various bars and pitted them against one another.

The TORQ bar (pictured first) was described as being ‘specifically designed to be tasty without resorting to chocolate’. The Independent on Sunday then went on to praise its easy-to-eat qualities. Being fair and balanced, the Independent reporter also looked for negatives with all the bars:

TORQ bar – for the sweet-toothed…

Maxim bar – too high in fat…

Go bar – too chewy…

High 5 – tastes rather bland…

The Power Bar tested was actually their ‘Protein Plus’ bar, which wasn’t really designed to do the same job as the others, so I think they might have thrown it in to add a bit of variety to the feature.

As this is the TORQ website, we fortunately have the opportunity to defend our bar. Our first batch of bars (the ones sent to the media) did come up a little sweeter than our prototypes. This has now been resolved in our latest batch, so perhaps you should give them a try to see if they suit your palette? We will of course continue to listen and take on board all feedback so that we can progress and evolve our products.

TORQ bar was given a highly favourable report on, where it was properly road-tested. We’ll keep you posted with any future reviews etc.

If you’re interested in giving TORQ bar a try click here (10-bar sample pack is £10 including delivery).