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TORQ gel?

Gelbot is an ingenious device. It's a wide-mouthed drinks bottle that also carries an integral shot of gel…

With the rubber mouthpiece depressed in the 'off' position, squeeze the bot once and it will dispense gel. Pull the mouthpiece up one click and it will dispense gel and fluid. Pull it again and it will dispense fluid only.

The beauty of the Gelbot is that it allows you the freedom of choice when you’re out on the trail/road. If you don’t need gel, just ignore that function and use it as a regular drinks bottle. But the great thing is that you have got gel with you should you need it! We suggest mixing an isotonic (6%) carbohydrate solution in the main ‘fluid’ part of the Gelbot and then pre-load your gel cartridge just in case you need an extra dose of carbs.

Others will choose to use the Gelbot differently though, pre-loading the gel cartridge and filling the fluid chamber with water. This means you can drink water instead of energy drink and take the carbs in separately. The combination of a full gel pouch and a bottle full of water = isotonic anyway (if you use our TORQ gel recipe below). It’s another way of doing it I suppose, but we don’t really see the point? You’d be better off just drinking a regular isotonic mix. We think to get the true benefit of the Gelbot, you’ve got to run a 6% carb mix in the main part of the bot, knowing that you’ve got extra carbs in the gel cartridge if you you’re not drinking enough fluid to get the energy you need.

TORQ gel sachets are on their way. We expect to have them launched for Spring 2007. In the meantime, have you thought about making your own TORQ gel? If you purchase a Gelbot, you can follow these 10 easy steps and you’ll be able to make your own TORQ gel quickly and easily – and at a fraction of the cost of a pre-packaged product:

1. Purchase your favourite TORQ energy NATURAL FLAVOURED energy drink mix.

2. Also purchase a tub of TORQ energy NATURAL (unflavoured) energy drink mix.

3. Pour 1 level scoop of TORQ energy NATURAL FLAVOURED into a disposable food/freezer bag.

4. Pour 2 level scoops of TORQ energy NATURAL (unflavoured) into the bag too.

5. Half fill the Gelbot gel capsule with boiling water.

6. Pour this hot water into food/freezer bag with powder.

7. Tie a knot in the food bag whilst evacuating as much air as possible.

8. Kneed and rub bag and contents until ingredients mix into a smooth paste.

9. Tear a small hole in the food bag and squeeze contents into Gelbot gel capsule.

10. Your Gelbot is now pre-loaded with gel.

If you purchase 1.5Kg tub of TORQ energy , this ‘large’ gel dose will cost you less than £0.50 per shot. If you purchase 3Kg tubs of TORQ energy, each gel shot will cost you less than £0.35. Great price-breaks for sure, but the other huge advantage of making your gel this way is that it is preservative-free. Whilst we are working hard to see if we can produce a gel sachet in 2007 without preservatives, we're not sure if this will be possible. For these reasons, be sure to keep your DIY TORQ gel mixture cool/refrigerated and consume within 2 days of mixing. We haven't tested its longevity properly yet, but we reckon that the TORQ gel mix described above should last way over 2 days, because you're making it with boiling water - that's kind of like the UHT treatment given to milk, except that you're starting with zero bacteria anyway. Let's say 2 days for now though eh?

To make a CAFFEINATED gel for an extra boost, there are 2 options open to you:

a) Use 3 scoops of TORQ energy NATURAL (unflavoured) and add a teaspoon of instant coffee. Don’t use TORQ energy NATURAL FLAVOURED. Be warned, this is very strong, but still very effective.

b) Crunch up a Pro-Plus tablet, turning it into a fine powder and add to your flavoured gel mix during the 10-step procedure described above.

You can purchase Gelbot online by clicking HERE

To view our TORQ energy drink mixes, click HERE

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