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Coaching Introduction

Sitting alongside our range of Performance Nutrition Products, TORQ’s long-established Fitness Consultancy specialises in educating and advising athletes on how to train and fuel properly to get the most out of their training and achieve their best physical performances. Our main expertise in coaching lies within Cycle Sport, with our Fitness Consultancy services catering for everyone, from those taking on their first event, right up to athletes competing at an international level. We’ve worked with individuals from a broad range of cycling disciplines, encompassing Road Racing, Time Trialling, Mountain Bike Racing (all disciplines including Marathon, XC, Downhill and Gravity), Cyclocross, Track Racing and 24-Hour Solo Racing. We have also helped individuals and groups with less racing-orientated objectives who simply want to perform at their best at charity events like LEJOG, CTC and Sportive events in general.
Mountain Biking is a sport for which we, as a company, have an immense passion and feel this is our area of unrivalled expertise. This is reflected in the Elite standard that our coaches have raced at, our nationally renowned Performance Mountain Bike Team, and the support we provide as a company to the UK Mountain Bike racing scene. We love the sport and are extremely absorbed in it, but we believe this makes us better coaches in all disciplines of cyclesport. Some of the best road cyclists in the world have developed from an XC Mountain Biking background.
TORQ was originally conceived and launched as a Performance Consultancy/Coaching business towards the end of 1999 by our Managing Director, Matt Hart, a former Pro/Elite Mountain Biker, offering an unrivalled level of service with its unique and fresh approach. Despite TORQ now being better known for its range of Performance Nutrition Products, to this day, the Consultancy still remains at the core of what we do. It was off the back of our Consultancy that we originally developed our range of Performance Nutrition products, because we saw a synergy here between the advice we were giving and the food athletes needed to eat. We are working constantly with athletes and physically active people; we understand how to train them and have an unprecedented understanding of how they should be fuelling themselves for optimal performance. TORQ is renowned in the Sports Nutrition market for the meticulous attention to detail that we've applied to our products, and the same goes for our Fitness Consultancy.

Clear, effective communication is a key philosophy for us at TORQ, and that means regular talking. It is our belief that a successful consultant builds success in his or her clients through exemplary communication. It’s for this reason that our Comprehensive Performance Package, which is covered in detail in the How it Works page of this site, incorporates a very strong educative component. You are encouraged to learn about how and why one achieves excellence in the sport of cycling, making you independent and hence less reliant on TORQ in the future. Whilst solid, proven scientific principles form the structure of any performance and excellence programme, it is important to also recognise the spiritual elements of cycle sport. You will be treated as an individual and will learn about self-awareness, to help you understand your own body.