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Support and Programming

Off the back our Comprehensive Performance Package, we offer a range of ongoing coaching options, which provide you with a bespoke training plan built around your current level of fitness, the time that you have available to train, and your major goals for the season.

For each of the packages that we offer, daily training is set and analysed using an innovative coaching platform called 'Today's Plan'. Today’s Plan is an industry leading, cloud based, training and analytics system, with unrivalled ease of use, alowing seamless integration with your training tools (Heart Rate and Power measuring systems). Today's Plan has been developed by Mark Fenner, one of Australia's leading cycle coaches, a Sports Scientist and Performance Director for our sister company; TORQ Australia

The platform makes following and monitoring your training program incredibly easy for you as an athlete and provides us, as coaches, extensive analysis of your data, enabling us to monitor your progress and maximise the training time that you have available. All training programs here at TORQ utilise Today’s Plan and a subscription to this platform is included within the fees for each program. We offer three levels of training support, which are detailed below.

In order to maximise the efficiency of your training and allow us to track your progress, we highly recommend that our clients train with a Power Meter, but if a Power Meter isn’t available to you, then we are happy to work with heart rate/perceived exertion. If you’re new to the concept of power, then the theory covered during our Comprehensive Performance Package day will help you to better understand how to use your Power Meter and maximise your application of the data feedback it provides. The choice is then up to you as to which tools you choose to train with and whether you consider a Power Meter a worthwhile investment.

Basic Plan: 6 weeks @ £14.95 to 16 weeks @ £39.95: For those on a budget, this option gives you a bespoke training plan built around your commitments and goals via the Today’s Plan ‘Plan Generator’. This is not a plan built by a coach, so doesn’t utilise a coach’s expertise or experience and does not include any follow up, but uses Today’s Plan's algorithms, which are based on solid scientific principles, to create a plan for you based on your time available and goals for the season. This option also gives you access to all of Today’s Plan's analytics tools/services and is our lowest cost option. Fees: Pricing is based on the duration of the plan: from a 6 week plan @ £14.95, to a 16 week plan @ £39.95. These are available directly by heading to Today's Plan, creating an account and following the instructions, so you could do this now. We do strongly advise that you book in for a day with us for the Comprehensive Performance Package first, but if you want to try the Plan Generator first to see how you get on, it's entirely your choice.

Ongoing TORQ Support: Calendar monthly payment of £95: This option provides the development, monitoring and evaluation of your Performance Programme on an ongoing basis via telephone and the Today’s Plan platform. Once we set you up a Today’s Plan account, added your key event/races and your time available to train, we then build you a completely bespoke training programme, geared specifically to your current level of fitness, time available to train and the events that you are looking to target. TORQ then guarantee you a personal e-mail report at the end of each month, with an analysis of the previous month’s training, based on the data you have uploaded to the system. We then follow this report up with an individual phone call (typically duration of 30-60minutes), where we discuss the report in person and build your next month of training based on what we have learned from the previous month. Within month adjustments to the program are also available via the Today’s Plan system. Fees: This option is paid on a monthly Standing Order and costs £95pcm. There are no hidden costs. If you are paying for TORQ-Support, you are entitled to regular discussion/interaction and any contact you make with us is included in the charge. You are also not entering into a contract, so if for any reason you wish to cancel your training, you may do so whenever you like, and all we would require is 30 days notice.

6 Month Structured Training Plan: One-off payment of £200: This option provides the bespoke plan, but without the ongoing analysis, review and contact with our consultants. Once we've set you up a Today’s Plan account, added your key events/races and your time available to train, we then build you a completely bespoke 6 month training programme geared specifically to your current level of fitness, time available to train and the key events/races that you are looking to complete. Fees: £200 - This is the least expensive plan, which is built by one of our experienced coaches. Please note that there is no ongoing contact or evaluation included with this option. The cost of this comprehensive planner is £200 and is payable upfront as a one-off fee (this equates to £30pcm).